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That person is me!  Feel free to contact me to help you get started (and throughout to make sure you are continually happy)!  Don't end up enrolling with someone only out for the money, someone unknown, or someone who is not willing to work closely with you when necessary! It pays to have an honest, easy to talk with, kind, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, USANA representative!


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Hello & Welcome to USANA! This is Denise.  For many years I had suffered terribly with debilitating health challenges (to say the leas. It was not until I finally found and taken USANA's wonderful supplements since 1993 that I can honestly say I finally found the relief/level of health I was searching for for quite some time...Yeah!

My foremost concern today is introducing people to these particular supplements because they are so wonderfully made by the one and only USANA Health Sciences! They will also have the privilege of knowing about these kind of nutritional supplements; totally valuable, formulated as advanced, tested and retested for quality and purity in laboratories before leaving the door...voluntarily passing manufacturing standards when they don't have to by law! But as far as illness, I have found that we are truly never alone, we may not have to live with it as so many may say, and when it comes to my life,,I learned my health is everything!..and so is yours!!


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 Then, look no further.  Why pay retail when you can pay 20% less than retail just for being a regular customer? ...  Let me show you how.  Ask OR See here for more info:


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Welcome to your True Health Assessment. This is very important to improving your health.  A quick 15 minute evaluation to receive 3 free health reports to review your risks, lifestyle and nutrition.

Have you taken the USANA True Health Assessment yet to get an idea of what your nutritional needs may be and more?  You receive 3 free health reports!  I totally recommend doing this.  Then, if you have any questions regarding your results, feel free to contact me anytime about this.  This is why I am here.  

You will see how important it is to have an established USANA representative in mind if you have questions, wish to place an order or need help at any time along the way...Call 1-401-287-4227 or Email

To receive my Meniere's What Works information, you may Opt-in here: OR email me here: to request the information.  You may also find more information or links if you click one of the social media options below.  This would be specifically for those requesting the Meniere's System Nutrition in detail plus ordering info and other related helpful info like ingredients, triggers, a home remedy etc.  

Most Sincerely, Denise Griffin Rhode Island USA


"I dream of a world free from pain and suffering.  I dream of a world free from disease.  Love life and live it to its fullest in happiness and health" -Usana Health Sciences founder, Dr. Myron Wentz  


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